Wednesday Bible Study 011112


No More a Servant – Galations 4:1-7

Verse 1 –  The Hebrew was under the restraints of the law.  As long as they were under the law they were as though slaves, even though, the inheritance of Christ was theirs.

The law is a “schoolmaster” (3:24-25) to teach them godly conduct, and show them their sins.  It was also like a prison guard “kept under the law” (3:23) and in a voluntary or involuntary state of bondage.

Verse 2 –  As long as a child is under tutors, governors (overseers) they are no better off than a servant.  At what time the father determines the “right time” or “appointed time”, then they will be free from the bondage of sin, and the law.

Verse 3 –  Even the Old Testament worship was limited to material things.  The blood of goats, bulls, and lambs.  The tabernacle in the wilderness was limited by its material expression of gold, silver, brass, linen, wood, bread, and a priesthood made up of fleshly men. “Elements of the world”.

These “elements of the world” were specified by God to portray the reality of the glory of God, His Son and heaven.

Verse 4 –  After things had come to the full of God’s sovereignty and in God’s own good timing (the fulness of the time) God did what He set out to do from the beginning.  When the time had reached completion.

He sent forth His Son, after the human fashion, born of a woman, and born in the time of the law, subject to the law.

Verse 5-7 –   “Redeem” – to buy off.  In this case to pay off our sin debt.  A debt we could not pay, because of the condemnation of the law.

It was paid by the One who came, “Made of a woman, made under the law’, subject to the law, thus doing all that the Father said, concerning God and man (See John 5:17, 19).

“Adoption” – being placed by God’s decree into the position of sons of God; particularly becoming an heir with Christ Jesus.

Going back to 3:28 we can see something concerning “There is neighter Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus”.  All these are in the same position in Christ.  Look how Jesus Christ, Paul and the gospel of Jesus Christ has elevated women.

Putting all who are in the faith of Christ into the position with Christ (Romans 8:16-17; Ephesians 1:3, 11).

Those in Christ; whether Jew, Gentile, Bond, Free, male or female; are all the sons of God, and heir of God through Christ.

Even to the extent of addressing God as “Abba, Father” as simple a term as a child would call their earthly father, “Daddy” – a word of endearment.

-Tim A. Blankenship


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