Wednesday Bible Study 020112


Born of the Free – Galations 4:21-31

Verse 21 –  “Ye that desire to be under the law” is what Paul says to the Galation people who have fallen from the truth of the gospel, and to the legalizers/Judaizers.
“Do ye not hear the Law?”  certainly a question worth consideration.  Can one not understand that the law condemns and unless one is perfect cannot see God, nor even be in His presence.

Verses 22-23 –  “That Abraham had two sons”  of course speaks of Ishmael and Isaac.  Ishmael was the son of Hagar the Egyptian maid, of the flesh.  Isaac was of Abraham’s long time wife, and the son of their promise from God.
Hagar was a “bondmaid” a servant girl to Sarah, and Sarah was the “freewoman”.

Verses 24-25 –  “Allegory” from the Greek, “ἀλληγορέω  allēgoreo  al-lay-gor-eh’-o   From G243 andἀγορέω agoreō  (to harangue (compare G58); to allegorize. (The Greek word itself.): – be an allegory [the Greek word itself].”  “Allegory” according to Mirriam/Webster Dictionary is, “the expression through symbolic figures and actions of truths or  generalizations about human conduct or experience”.
The Old Webster Dictionary has this comment about “Allegory” – “The distinction in scripture between a parable and an allegory, is said to be that a parable is a supposed history, and an allegory, a figurative description of real facts.”
In the case of these scriptures Paul is using the historical to illustrate a spiritual truth.
“Two covenants” the first from Mount Sinai and answers to Jerusalem which is in bondage to the law.

Verses 26-28 –  The second covenant is “Jerusalem which is above” and “is free”.  This Jerusalem would be the heavenly Jerusalem which is where God is and from which the articles of the law (the golden ark, mercy seat, the golden altar of incense, the menorah, the table of showbread, the brasen laver, and the altar of burnt offering, and all the other instruments and tools) came
“We, brethren, as Isaac was, are the children of promise.”  Those who have received Jesus Christ through the gospel which Paul preached are counted by God to be the children of promise.

Verses 29-31 –  “He that was born after the flesh”  so begins the story of the persecution of the people of God’s promise.  There is an envy, even a hatred, by those of the flesh for anything of God.
“Cast out the bondwoman and her son”  this indeed did happen to Hagar and Ishmael.  Isaac was the true heir to Abraham’s wealth and fortune, and the blessings too.  No one of the law will receive anything from God, but shall be cast out, because by the law they have rejected the person of the Law.
Those who are in Christ Jesus are not “children of the bondwoman, but of the free”.

-Tim A. Blankenship


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